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Victim Support Job description

Project Worker
Job Title:                   Project Worker- Tackling Abuse- Head On

 Reports to:                The Victim Support Manager 

 Purpose:  To proactively work to identify and reach victims to reduce domestic abuse suffered by them. Working with Volunteers, Victims and Witnesses in accordance with Victim Support’s practice and policies.

  Main Duties and Key Accountabilities

  1. Referrals
  • Actively seek those affected by Domestic Abuse
  • In accordance with branch policy, liaise with the Police and other agencies to receive and record referrals of victims of crime and receive self-referrals
  • Decide on the most appropriate method of offering support to Victims within the resources available
  • Deal appropriately with referrals not suitable for Victim Support
  • Allocate referrals to Volunteers and brief them on background information and action required as appropriate
  1. Case work with service users
  • Proactively work to identify and reach victims to reduce domestic abuse suffered by them
  • Undertake direct and day-to-day work with Victims and Witnesses, in accordance with VS policies and within the resources available
  • Follow up work on behalf of victims: contact with other agencies and obtaining expert and specialist advice where necessary
  • Monitor standard and effectiveness of work of the Volunteers with victims and deal appropriately with cases requiring further action or referral to other agencies
  • Support clients to complete Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims
  1. Developing local links/networks and representing Victim Support
  • Seek out and make opportunities to raise awareness of domestic abuse directly to those affected by it by liason with GP, Opticians, Ante-natal groups, disability groups for example.
  • Maintain a good knowledge of the local area, local voluntary groups, and statutory agencies and their services
  • Establish effective links with local groups and agencies and deal with enquiries
  • Attend local groups and deliver presentations in the interest of raising awareness of Victim Support/Witness Service as requested by the Victim Support Manager
  • Maintain up-to-date library of information on other support agencies for service users
  • Update and maintain appropriate materials to publicise the services of Victim Support to the local area
  1. Volunteers
  • Participate in the selection of suitable volunteers in accordance with Victim Support’s selection procedures and Equal Opportunities policy
  • On occasions assist the Manager with delivering, where appropriate, training for new volunteers and ongoing specialist training for established volunteers
  • Maintain records of volunteers availability
  • Support Volunteers with their day- to-day work rota and where required liaise and support new Volunteers
  1. General
  • In accordance with health and safety requirements, monitor the day-to-day security, and health & safety of the workplace
  • Undertake administration and general office duties as required.
  • Provide support to the Manager, for the organisation of the premises at 6 Albert Street, Douglas
  • Undertake such other duties as required consistent with the duties of the post and the needs of the organization
  • To attend fundraising events for the charity unpaid minimum of 8 hours
  • To attend supervision and support with the designated Line Manager
  • To attend Management Committee meetings as required
  • Be of Good Character

Leadership (and Strategic Direction) – The job holder is responsible for assisting the Victim Support manager in providing leadership to the organisation in line with the strategic direction of Victim Support and as outlined in the Victim Support Business Plan.

Performance Management & Improvement – All staff have a personal responsibility for performance management.  You will be expected to contribute to your supervision and annual appraisal  processes

Line Managers are responsible for the operational performance and effectiveness of their team and the application of the Personal Development Review scheme.  Line Managers will be responsible for ensuring that each member of their team understands where they fit into the team and the organisation as a whole.

Management of Staff and Resources – The job holder will be responsible for supporting the Victim Support Manager in the effective management of staff and resources of Victim Support.

Representation and Corporate Contribution – The job holder will represent Victim Support, in the absence of the Victim Support Manager in a wide range of business settings, forums, committees and working groups.  It is expected that you will be a committed ambassador of Victim Support and the work that it seeks to achieve as follows:

  1. Seek out and make opportunities to raise awareness of domestic abuse directly to those affected by it by liason with GP, Opticians, Ante-natal groups, disability groups for example.
  2. Maintain a good working knowledge of local voluntary groups, statutory agencies and their services.
  • Establish effective links with local groups and agencies and deal with enquiries.
  1. Represent Victim Support/ Witness Service at local forums.
  2. Facilitate local groups and forums as requested by the Manager.
  3. Attend local groups and deliver presentations in the interest of raising awareness at all levels.
  • Provide information to local media groups as required.

More specifically the job holder will be required to contribute to the following groups;

  1. Victim Support Committee
  2. Domestic Violence Forums
  3. Any future groups in line with the interest of the organisation’s aims.
  1. Reporting Framework

The job holder reports to the Victim Support Manager.

The Victim Support Manager is responsible for the implementation of, and compliance with, the provisions of the Supervision and Appraisal process.

The Victim Support Manager will ensure that in line with the timescale set out in the scheme, amongst other things, an annual:

  • Review and assessment of the job holder’s performance and competency/behaviours is made and an annual review completed


All staff of Victim Support are expected to recognise that the everyday business of Victim Support requires the highest level of personal integrity.  Each Officer has a personal responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of all Victim Support business and to uphold such confidences both in administering the business of the office and outside of the office.

Qualification and Experience – See Person Specification

  1. Competency levels for this post are:

Leading and working together                                                                                        Level 2

Actively supports/manages staff to deliver objectives; generates enthusiasm and commitment in others and demonstrates this in their own approach; works collaboratively with colleagues to deliver results; develops effective and productive working relationships with colleagues and with contacts in other Departments/externally. Manages disagreements with tact and diplomacy.

Communicating and influencing                                                                                     Level 2

Communicates openly with colleagues; is confident speaking in a group or team situation and expresses views in a clear and succinct way. Influences and convinces others to accept or agree to ideas; takes active steps to build acceptance of proposals using knowledge of the organisation.

Achieving results                                                                                                                Level 2

Prioritises own (and others’) work to achieve team goals; schedules activities and resources to deliver to agreed timescale; communicates openly about changes to plans; proposes appropriate solutions and considers consequences of different options; makes decisions in a timely manner and recommends/refers important decisions as necessary; strongly focused on achieving results; takes responsibility for the delivery of team objectives.

Delivering a quality service                                                                                             Level 2

Enjoys delivering excellent service to internal and external customers; treats customers and customer problems as top priority; takes a pride in delivering work of a consistently high standard; shows an awareness of the cost of resources and uses these efficiently.

Changing and learning                                                                                                      Level 2

Assists, coaches and advises colleagues to develop competence and confidence; actively looks for new, better ways of working; offers opinions in discussions which are not always the most obvious. Is versatile and adaptable, and prepared to change their views. Applies up-to-date specialist skills, knowledge and experience in their work.

Showing commitment and resilience                                                                            Level 3

Shows determination and drive to deliver and succeed; puts in extra effort to complete important tasks on time; shows stamina and can manage a diverse range of projects; calm and confident under pressure.



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