Geoff La Page
Volunteer Story – Geoff

1 – Why did you want to volunteer?
Having reached the stage of semi-retirement, I was looking for an opportunity to use this new “spare” time to be of help to others and be able to make a contribution to the community. Helping as a volunteer ticked both boxes.
2 – Why did you choose to volunteer for Victim Support?
Victim Support had helped me in the past and from that experience I knew how valuable the support was. The victim is often overlooked and I felt this was something I really wanted to help overcome and get involved with.
3 – What’s a typical day at Victim Support?
Simply put – there isn’t one!
4 – What do you enjoy most about Volunteering?
Being able to ease people through a system that they usually have no experience of and taking some of the burden off them. People are often going through a traumatic experience and anything that can put their minds at rest can be very rewarding.
5 – What advice would you give to someone who is looking at volunteering?
Do some research first and then go with your heart and give it everything you have.